The State Of Our Industry

The State Of Our Industry

The State Of Our Industry

About Cannarail Station


Cannarail Station, in the middle of nowhere Ephrata Washington, has had the opportunity to be part of the ever expanding Marijuana Industry. Since our conception in 2014 we have been a leader in Marijuana sales for Grant County with nearly 5 million in sales, 1.5 million of that going to the state in taxes, supporting 5 households, and donations of better than 20 thousand back to our community.

Now multiply this by 400 stores in the State of Washington, and ours is just a medium size store, you can see how beneficial the industry has been to the State, and the communities that they service. Now add the 1400 Growers and Processors and the thousands of people it takes to run them. Now multiply this by the 28 States that have legalized Marijuana in one way or another, our industry currently employs over a half million people and will triple in the next few years with more States coming onboard, in Washington alone consumers have purchased over 2 Billion in product. We have effectively put the black market out of business, dropped the price of product significantly and have used the monies made constructively to better our States and communities.

The US Government looks at our industry as an illegal enterprise that should be shut down, putting our current employed work force out of a job, placing our currently regulated industry back in the hands of the Black Market, throwing away millions of dollars in tax revenue, effectively bankrupting many States that depend on this added revenue to survive. Not only will the States suffer, but our own Federal Government as well, last year our little store generated 250 thousand in Federal Taxes on top of the State Taxes, now multiply that by the 400 stores and 28 States. How stupid is that?

We should be fighting for massive legalization, allowed banking, elimination of the required 280E (a form we have to file as an illegal drug dealer not allowing any deductions on our Federal Tax Returns).

We the people have spoken and continue to speak, embracing this new and expanding industry, it’s time our elected officials got onboard. The world has changed and is continuing to change. The hypocrisy is unbelievable, these people lie to themselves and everyone around them, “I have never smoked Pot”, “I smoked Pot but never inhaled”, and our Attorney General Sessions, “Good people don’t smoke Pot” (apparently voters actually believe this crap). As a whole, I believe that the current DC administration is proof of how smart the American people are, not that there was much of as choice, but geeze guys there where better candidates to choose from. I guess they didn’t have the hair, lies or money it took to buy the votes. Sorry, enough on politics.

It’s OK to get falling down drunk, get in a fight, puke in your shoes, get up in the morning and go to work (still drunk from the night before), but it’s not OK to smoke a joint, giggle a little, raid the refrigerator, and get up in the morning feeling great.

So, I put it to you, where is the downside to all of this, and in what way will this industry not be beneficial to all of us.

By Rick Reimers

Owner, Cannarail Station, Ephrata WA.